Your Personal Energy Center




Since 2007, Blacksburg has been committed to reducing its community-wide carbon emissions and we’ve made a lot of progress!  This is great news for air quality and the climate, but it’s also an opportunity for Blacksburg’s residents to stop wasting money each month on their utilities.  Did you know that more than half of the homes in Blacksburg are more than 30 years old – built at a time when there were no construction standards for energy efficiency?

Every year, homeowners, renters, and business owners throw away hundreds if not thousands of dollars heating and cooling energy inefficient buildings.  If you’re ready to start saving energy, this tool can help you figure out where to start.  After you answer a few short questions, we’ll be able to offer you a personalized set of suggestions – from simple things you can do for free (or very cheaply).  Later on, when you’re ready to make bigger changes – this tool is designed to connect you to the resources you’ll need to make your home a shining example of efficiency and conservation!