Join with your community to reach our energy goals and reduce your home energy use!

Weatherize Blacksburg participation begins with an evaluation of your home’s energy efficiency, professional advice from a certified building analyst as well as access to the online Personal Energy Center.


For Weatherize Blacksburg participants, the cost of a Home Energy Assessment is only $99.


The Home Energy Assessment includes an interior and exterior inspection of your home and assessment of your energy use by a local energy professional; a report with prioritized recommendations and cost-effective options to help you reduce your energy use and a free cost estimate of any of our recommendations, including projected energy savings of recommended improvements.


and there’s more…

If you’re an AEP customer, your $99 Home Energy Assessment also includes installation of energy efficient products such as LED lightbulbs, smart power strips, water heater blankets, water saving products and pipe insulation (equivalent value: $250 in products, installation savings, and professional advice).


but wait – there’s more!

Learn more about the AEP / APCO Take Charge VA Home Performance Program  – including the availability of up to $1,500 in additional homeowner rebates for select energy efficiency improvements.



HOMEOWNER Q&A > Home Energy Assessment or Home Energy Audit

The abbreviated home energy assessment is valuable but does not include the diagnostics of a comprehensive energy audit, which we recommend for homeowners who are looking for a more precise analysis, troubleshooting problems or preparing for larger home improvements. The comprehensive energy audit service is also discounted and eligible for AEP/APCO take Charge VA Home Performance Program incentives.


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Now is the time to enjoy comfort, health & efficiency at home!